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The goal of Katriito Clinic is to provide the services of psychologists and psychiatrists. In our Tartu clinic, we have psychologists, a mental health nurse and a psychiatrist. We provide our services to both children and adults. We can help with various problems like everyday difficulties, work related stress, mood and anxiety disorders, chronic pain, post-traumatic conditions and other concerns related to your mental and physical health.
In our Tallinn clinic, our psychologists provide their services only to adults and family members.


New service! Sports and performance counselling
The goal of a sports psychologist is to help the athlete realise their potential and support their mental wellbeing. Service is provided by psychologist Dagmar Rahula
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New address for the Tallinn Clinic!
Since 7.08.2023 we are offering services at Lõõtsa 6, Tallinn.
Entrance from D or A entrance, 2. floor. If you need assistance, turn to the reception on the ground floor.
Tartu and Tallinn clinic have free appointment times for psychologist counselling.
You can also book the appointment via your general practicioner.
Book an appointment already for august or contact us:
katriito@katriito.ee or +372 56297411
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Katriito is turning 15!
The world of mental health is colorful. This is know my both specialist as well as people who are not well acquainted to the topic. Katriito Clinic is addressing mental health world during the mental health conference.
The birthday conference is happening on 20th October in Tartu.
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