Psychologist (Tallinn)

I have acquired an MA degree in psychology from Tallinn University. I have previous work experience as a psychologist from rehabilitation teams and schools and from Tallinn University during my traineeship.

I have completed the CBT initial training, where I acquired skills to use cbt techniques during counselling, and at the Kiira Järve family therapy initial training course, where I learned additional counselling techniques. I have taken part in projects and training courses as part of my MA thesis to carry out different tests. I have also completed a “Healthy and safe relationships” course, which has helped me notice violent behaviours in relationship contexts.

I mainly work with youths (starting from age 12) and adults. I can help with the following issues: stress, anxiety, relationship problems, crisis, self-esteem, lack of motivation. I can also generally help with other problems.

Change starts from within. The first step to bringing change into your life is to acknowledge the problem. I admire people who look for help and solutions.