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I have acquired an MA degree in psychology from Tartu University. Earlier, I worked as a school psychologist for high and middle school youths and as a psychologist and a family education teacher aiming to improve the youth’s understanding of mental health, social and emotional skills, relationships and sexuality. I have also improved my counselling skills as a volunteer counsellor at the NGO

I have completed a professional training course on the introduction to cognitive behavioural therapy, which provided me with the basic skills and knowledge to help my clients understand the connection between their thoughts, emotions and behaviours and how to change them. I have also improved myself in the areas of motivational interviewing, LGBT+, domestic violence and sexuality issues. Currently I am undergoing training to obtain a psychologist-counsellor’s certificate.

I can help with problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues, self-satisfaction issues, motivation issues or other problems. You are also welcome to sign up for an appointment if you would like to improve your social or emotional skills or just understand yourself better.

I am deeply fascinated with people and I believe that anyone deserves to be understood and accepted as they are. Everyone is different and what is good for one may not be good for someone else. I try to adapt myself to every client’s individual needs.

I mainly work with youths starting from age 14 and adults.